You Cannot Be A Successful Writer If You Don’t Do This


By Toby Nwazor

After my MBA class one Saturday, I say make I go chow. It was late sha. So when I got to Roots, they said my favorite vegetable soup had finished.

I asked them if they had bread, they said I should go to Crunchies. So, I just turned and started leaving.

One of their staff sha ran after me and said I should give them ten minutes and they will prepare it for me.

At that moment, I was very hungry o. And ten minutes sounded like three hours to me.

I deliberated a little and decided to wait.

Moreover, Chelsea Vs Barça was on. Ten minutes won’t kill me…

When I sat down, something else happened.

Right there in an eatery, despite my hunger, in the middle of chelsea/barca, I brought out my phone, opened my word app, and started writing an article.

20 minutes later, one of the waiters brought my food.

10 minutes later, she brought water for me.

Before she left, she looked at me, and asked, “Sir, you said you were very hungry. Now it’s been more than 30 minutes, and you haven’t even touched your food. Why?”

I looked up at that moment and simply said, “I am a writer”

She looked puzzled, so I explained…

“Writing is my life. When I write, I feel alive. When I write, every other thing pales in comparison, including food. Right now, the Hunger has disappeared.”

She smiled and said, “I want to be a writer too”.

“Nne, you don’t want to be a writer”, I responded. “You are either writing, or you are not. There’s no in-between”

Then she started talking about her dream of being a successful writer. How she used to write back in the days but had to stop because, well, life happened to her.

It was a good story. I had heard it many times. It happened to me too.

From there, I started a 10 minutes talk on why she should stop giving excuses and start living her dream… Why she should stop talking about ‘wanting to write’, and start writing…

I wanted her to understand that the first step towards becoming a successful writer is to start writing.

The End!

I just wanted to tell you that when it comes to pursuing your dream, there’s no break.

Give it all it takes. Everywhere. Any time. Under any condition.

If you are a writer, write. You are an engineer? Design! You are an actor? Act.

You cannot be successful in that field until you start putting your craft to work.

Your gifts are yours, maximize them. But they are not for you, they are meant be put to work to serve humanity.

Stop being selfish. Use those gifts.

.Pay the price you need to pay and refine them. But note that you can never get better if you don’t PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.

Your excuses have become stale. We are tired of hearing them.

Put those gifts to work today!


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