Signals You Need to Know that Your Smartphone is Close to Dying

Signals you need to know that your smartphone is close to dying

If it is not yet obvious to everyone, the competition on smartphones are getting crazier. The most popular fight in technology – Apple vs. Samsung patent war – has escalated to the U.S. court for a quite long time.  In the end, Apple has not shown any concrete proof to ban Samsung products from circulating the market. People don’t see it clearly but only patent attorneys get to benefit from this war.

Mobile companies make it a tradition to release new phone model yearly. An urban legend is circulating that every phone has a piece of chip inserted to control the lifespan and usability so that people will be forced to buy new phone once the warranty runs out.

The average year of a smartphone’s life usually lasts not more than two years. Some studies would say that an extension of its life will not make sense anymore since its durability degrades and more new phone model arrives in the market. Therefore, there is no point in keeping your old smartphone because manufacturers continue to combine all the best feature from different brands.

So, if a smartphone’s life is good for two to three years only, there are certain signals that will help you identify that your phone is close to dying.

Battery life

There is no way to avoid the death of your battery’s life.  In all devices, batteries do degrade with time. The moment that it reach its full functional capacity, its charging time weakens. Its usability is slowly reducing, as well.

For an obvious reason, once your phone is having a battery syndrome, then that is the time for you to know that your overall phone health is at risk. When charging your phone, the best thing you can do is never exceed to the charging time (100% battery life) order to extend the battery’s life.

Issues in operating system

The operating system is your phone’s center of functionality. Once you experience a sudden crash on your apps, bugs, and random phone on and off, then your phone is trying to tell you an obvious message.

In order to lessen the chances of these problems to occur, it would be best if you keep your software up to date. However, if these problems continue, but your phone if far from dying yet, maybe it is giving you another message.

Some phones react abnormally when you update it to a new operating system. It could be an issue with compatibility. Sometimes, it reacts differently when it reaches its maximum memory.

Here are additional ways to prevent your phone from dying sooner:

Delete items that are not important

The biggest issue of smartphones before is its storage capacity. Not until today, we enjoy that we are free to enjoy more than 8GB. For travelers, they get to download apps useful for traveling.

In order to avoid consuming too much space on things that are not necessarily important, have time to delete these stuff. It does not only help your phone have additional space but will stop lags.

Add more storage

However, if you think that it is painful for you to delete these stuff, given the chance that everything serves a beautiful memory, then it would be helpful to buy hard drives.

Some apps are also available online that can give you enough space to store files, documents, and even photos.

Fast charging ports

In order to keep the life of your battery, and you phone as well, aside from cleaning the charging port with the use of cotton buds or needle, it is more practical to buy fast charging ports available in the market today.

It is also healthy if you religiously learn how not to use your phone while charging. Closing all the apps will your phone live longer, as well.


As people become independent with their smartphones, it is very important to keep them live longer. The following will help you understand the need of your smartphones and the way to save them from dying sooner.

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