Re: Crimes, Happiness and Civil Security Challenges and the Change era – By Jimi Bickersteth

> A foolish consistency and the Hobgoblin of little minds was a line that propped on my mind as I start pounding the keyboard, in the sleepy, little village of Koko,  tucked away somewhere in Delta state.
> There was a sharp, bracing air; the ground was dry; the sea was crisp and clear. All along the coast lie traces of oil slick. Hmm!God creates: man destroys.
> Sitting on the narrow veranda at the seaside resort, the kind old sun rise on the left and all things were still in the bracing air, the threat of an imminent downpour from the clouds in the shaded horizon.

> Nigerians,seised, as personified in this idyllic locale,used to know where they stood but don’t know for sure any more about anything, as lasting happiness under the best conditions in wonderful surroundings is fast becoming a cinema of the mind, and creatures who likes to play tricks,  called politicians, are puddles to the dimple .

> Take Aristotle,within the bound of logic and emotions, I used to believe in his definition of happiness, that it’s the activity of the rational part of the soul in accordance with reason throughout a whole life. But now one do not think this is true for more people and one doubts it could ever be true for most people and if it is not true for most people, then this cannot be a world in which rational activity can bring happiness.

> It dawn on me that Aristotle’s happiness involves a right functioning of the whole person and that there is going to be a change,not back to what was,but on past what is. But you can change some things and some things you can’t and some things can change us,but you got to accept the fact of whatever is and its domino effect.

> It became further clear to me  that i may be roundly difficult and an uphill task to change the my way or the highway character and attitudes of a people who are without decision of character and charm, and who can never be said to belong to themselves. A people that belongs to whatever has made a captive of their hearts and minds, and are led by leaders who look ahead,think ahead and want to move ahead with only their spouses, mistresses, children and their numerous love-childs,and cross the finishing line first with the filthy lucre in the treasuries looting contest . (Gèdègúdú Ìgalà won Ilá niwón fí jíká lóko). Their swaggers and motivations are to steal and bleed and suck and skin the nation of its resources.

> In our climes, that’s what makes them leaders. But they are oblivious of this simple but salient fact, that the true goal of leadership is not to cross the finishing line first,but to take as many others with them as they can. This they’ve consistently failed to imbibe over the years. For that reason, our leaders have deliberately fasten their pace, disconnect with the people and keep them pauperised in style by giving them mere crumbs that keeps them glued to the table asking and begging for more crumbs, (omo aláşo n wó àkísà and omo eléran njéguun) syndromes.What we have is a sheep pen full of cows and we opt for the bones,

> The government have made many people feel that accountability is a willingness to explain your actions, in a world where everybody wants to lead but nobody wants to serve,where we all have goals so lofty that they often blind us to the needs of those around us but in reality,real accountability begins long before you take action. Most wrong actions come about because we are not being accountable enough.

> They gave us something akin to the pharaohs affliction to the Israelites. This greedy (jegúdújerá) leaders give us the palm trees farmland to till,(wón tún fúnwa lóko ìdí òpe ro). The outcome of this is that ordinary people in our cities live in fear,  because of the level and sophistication of crime and other civil security challenges that ensued out of the leaders cluelessness and maladministration.

> As leaders,  ours have disappointed the people who expect and depend on them to be consistent, reliable and fair,and have consistently demonstrate that they lack a clear and compelling reasons and purpose to guide.The motives and thinking of our elected representatives and their absolutely riveting performance, and contributions to public service have left the people feeling muddled and anxious.

> The people put bars on their windows and the leaders put double locks on their steel doors, which does not make for either a safe haven anyway. They don’t go out late at night.The streets are tough, innocent people are being mauled and victimised every day, serial kidnapping, daring daylight robberies of banks premises, indiscriminate bombing attacks, intimidation by suicide bombers, the streets generally unsafe;something had to be wrong if men had to make prisoners of themselves in order to feel safe and secure.

> The lost of control by our leaders over the excesses of emotionally numb, violent and aggressive characters, filled with exaggerated worries has affected the welfare of the generality of our people and has shrinked them to a size that is hundreds of times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence. Of course, the increase in violent acts in and around the country has been triggered by a number of elements-oppression,socally isolated,economically deprived mindless puppets with no sense of social responsibility,and we cannot excuse such behaviours if we really want to grow up in an egalitarian and decent setting.

> Curious enough our environment is filled with other potential triggers- underperforming, thieving government functionaries, imagine the lies without a NAFDAC number,know what I mean,  in the over#100 billion,  (piddling sums of money in our nation) set aside in the 2016 budget to be shared  by our senators as constituency allowance,  in this hard times, add to that, sensitivity to these triggers are rising.

> The primary roots lies within ourselves and how we are led,and fed wrong inclinations when we look at,listen to or think about bad things our politicians and leaders are doing to us. Yet, as a society we have come to tolerate this;and instead of getting to the bottom of the problem,we come up with all sorts of gimmicky solutions that are supposed to help combat and prevent crime. If we would just equip and improve and let the police system do their job, and let the criminal justice do its job properly, in a nation that has rigid laws- laws which the police, with a couldn’t-care-less-attitude found difficult to operate. We seem to be saying crime pays.

> It is society’s concern when we saddle police officers,anti graft agents with defensive mentality and shackle them with unnecessary restraints designed to protect the rights of the criminals. These are people whom we ask to go out and deal with some of the most corrupt people in the history of the our dear country, and hardened thugs by what ever name they wish to be called in the inner cities,in neighbourhoods where drugs are bought and sold on every corner.
> We ask the law enforcement agencies to preside with their hands tied to their chests, we demand of the police officers to put their lives in jeopardy, and often, they lose their cool and overreact, sometimes costing needless killings.

> The inefficiency of the court system compounds the danger to which the anti graft agencies and law enforcement agents are exposed. The police will go and make an arrest, and hours later the perpetrators is back on the streets. The law enforcement agencies see their efforts thwarted daily by a system which returns an endless parade of human debris to the streets to commit more crime.
> What about the feeling of cops who have to track deadly drug dealers and peddlers, who earn millions violating the law while they,the police, earn a comparative pittance trying to enforce it.

> So why should the police even care about their jobs, when the criminals in our society are no longer intimidated by our criminal justice system. They are not frightened by it. They’re not frightened at the sight of a cop.They have no fear of reprisal by law enforcement,which are noticeably absent anyway.
> They are not afraid of going to court and with very senior lawyers at that,lawyers, who are supposed to build the society and the nation. The thieving leaders and other criminals don’t think they’re going to jail, and they know that if they do, it’s not going to be for very long. So they are not deterred at all.

> To effect the kind of change we want. On the psychological level, the government have to design a programme that feed our minds with wholesome things and begin to starve and deaden bad desires and nurture good ones.
> The nation has to criminalise graft, corruption and fleece, which are the offshoot of the nation’s problems,because the perpetrators are aided by a weak, incompetent and corrupted systems of justice, which often permit justice left standing on its head.
> This promotes and encourages directly or indirectly violence and stealing that has denied the nation the variety that produces the biggest bloom that can be picked for a bouquet. It produced a nation,  left lonely and wandering as the big,black raincloud in the horizon. One wherein despair has taken over, leaving a distressed, feebled frames of a people living in the memory of the past and the pains of the present.

> PMB’s administration can’t blow an uncertain trumpet, the power of the president is infinitely more effective,more subtle, he is not just one of the most powerful men in the world,  for crying out loud, but he must be willing and sincere and without fear of foes,  to deploy the powers to the peoples whose votes placed him there.  Nigerians want him to show a certain degree of eagerness, but not desperation. The nation want him to believe himself and to demonstrate why they should believe him too. The person PMB always felt like in the inside had better be made visible on the outside. To stand tall in the saddle is hard work.

> Mr president must stem the tide,in this he has the peoples back and what better time to get deep in the earth with faces to the coal, than now, that the legislators have lost the implicit confidence of the people.
> The people are angry at the notion that the poor have no choice but to engage in criminal behaviour to compensate for society’s mistreatment of them.They are angry at political leaders who steal from the commonwealth, and the people want government to protect their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and progress. And this requires peace,justice and order.

> The government should declare war, yes, it’s that cruel last option in human relations, if need be put those unrepentant criminals in body bags. PMB’s success will always be measured by his ability and where he stands on the issue of justice, peace, happiness and good governance. #
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