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See 5 Things Different About Trump's New Travel Ban

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The latest executive order temporarily banning travel from several majority-Muslim nations has a few added caveats that its controversial initial rendering did not. Senior administration officials highlighted those points in the hour before President Trump signed the new order on Monday. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions also held brief remarks about the revised travel ban. The major differences are as follows.

1. Iraq is removed from the list.

The new order singles out Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Libya. Citizens from those nations will be exposed to the 90-day hold on issuances of visas, just as they were in the original order that Trump signed in late January. Iraq, however, which appeared on the first list, has been removed.

2. Existing visa holders will not be subjected to the ban.

This time, existing visa holders are exempt from the beginning. The 90-day period applies to citizens of those six nations seeking new visas.

3. Religious minorities are no longer given preferential treatment.

The new travel ban will not give preferential treatment to religious minorities, such as Syrian Christians, applying as refugees.

4. Syrian refugees are no longer singled out.

The new order retains a 120-day ban on entry to the US by all refugees, but that group now also includes Syrian refugees, who were previously facing an indefinite ban on entry into the US.

5. The rollout will occur in 10 days.

Instead of being implemented immediately, the new executive order will take effect March 16, giving the government a full 10 days to adjust and prepare. 

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