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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Become United States President If....

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Hillary Clinton will be president of the United States of America if she can win the recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. There are calls for Clinton to initiate a request for recount, but when Hillary hesitated, someone else did for her, Jill Stein. According to the US electoral system, if the recounts end up in Hillary’s favour, then she will have enough votes to win the electoral college. Already, statistics show that Hillary leads Trump in popular votes, by over 2 million votes.

Real Time Politics reports that though many claim that Jill Stein’s move is a long shot, still Wisconsin begins to recount on Friday, November 25. The Clinton faithfuls can only hope that a miracle happens, something statistics can help prove. Meanwhile, an explosive bid to topple the President-elect, pro-Clinton supporters are calling for Trump to be impeached over claims of sexual abuse, fraud and racketeering. One of several petitions calling for his impeachment has amassed more than 33,000 signatures as fury over Trump’s Brexit-style election win boils over. Now scores of legal experts backing the plan believe there is a “strong case” to impeach Trump and strip him of the presidency.

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