Wednesday, 16 November 2016 15:11

TRUMPS VICTORY: See What Pope Said About Trump That Shocked Christians Worldwide

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The Pope's thoughts have remained constant during the 2016 United States elections. Without calling his name, the Pontiff has let everyone know how he feels about Donald Trump. In February, 2016, the Catholic leader insinuated that the 45th presidential-elect is not a Christian, this comment was based on Trump's campaign promises to deport more immigrants and build a wall along the border, The New York Times reports.

In a recent interview when asked to comment on Trump's win, the Catholic leader refused to "judge" the presidential-elect, adding that he is only concerned with his policies on the poor. "I do not give judgments on people and politicians, I just want to understand the suffering that their approach causes the poor and excluded. Money is against the poor but there are also poor people in rich countries who fear the acceptance of their peers from poor countries. It's a vicious circle and it must be stopped. We must break down the walls that divide," he said. This interview comes after Vatican's Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, announced that he would pray for Trump's 'enlightenment' in 'service of the world’s welfare and peace'. Earlier, Pope Francis suggested that he may have lost faith in American Christians because of the outcome of the election, Business2Community reports. “True Christians do not treat anyone differently, talk bad about them or look down on them. God help poor Mexicans, Africans and Cubans who wanted to realize American dream. I am not sure whether we still can vouch for the faith of American Christians, as they need more wisdom looking at the leader they finally elected”, he said. All of this suggest that the Pope might not be particularly happy about Trump's win, although he (the Catholic Church) share the same view on abortion, and same-sex marriage.

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