Wednesday, 09 November 2016 23:04

See 7 Crucial Statements President Barack Obama Made After Donald Trump's Election Victory (Video)

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Just one day after Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the just concluded US Presidential Election, President Obama has spoken at the White House. Speaking earlier on Wednesday, November 9, Hillary Clinton thanked the Obamas for their support saying “our country owes you an enormous debt of gratitude.” Obama himself called Trump early Wednesday morning to “congratulate him on his victory,” according to a statement from the White House. He also phoned Clinton and “expressed admiration for the strong campaign she waged throughout the country.” Obama also invited Trump to meet with him on Thursday, November 10, at the White House. Below are 7 crucial takeaways from Obama’s speech.

1. “Whether your candidate won or lost, the sun will come up in the morning”

2. “We are now all routing for success in uniting and leading the country”

3. “A peaceful transition of power is one of the hall marks of our democracy”

4. “We actually are on one team”

5. “We are not Democrats first, we are not Republicans first”

6. “You have to stay encourage”

7. “If we lose, We learn from our mistakes, we do some reflection, we lick our wounds, we brush ourselves off, we get back in the arena”

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