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Woman arrested for marrying her biological son and daughter (Photos)

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A woman has been arrested for marrying her two of her children The 43-year-old woman identified as Patricia Ann Spann, reportedly married one of her sons about 8 years ago, and has now married her 25-year-old daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann. Following a visit from a child welfare investigator who reported them to the police earlier this year, the mother and daughter duo were declared wanted on charges of incest. According to reports, she had married Misty on March 25, using a fake name ‘Clayton’, meanwhile it was also one of the names she wrote down when she married her son Jody Spann Jr, eight years ago. Jody later had the marriage annulled, citing incest as one of his reasons for wanting an annulment.

Patricia had earlier told the welfare worker that she lost custody of her three children to their father’s mother, and that she only reunited with her daughter and fell in love with her about two years ago. The police said that the ‘lovebirds’ (odiegwu o) admitted that they were related biologically and that they also had a proper wedding. Patricia also claimed she did not feel like she had violated any laws, seeing as her name had been cleaned off her daughter’s birth certificate. They however face up to 10 years in jail according to Oklahoma incest laws which prohibits blood relatives from getting married or even having sex with each other.

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