Saturday, 03 September 2016 02:17

SHAME! Married minister sacked after being caught half-naked kissing women (photos)

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An Indian minister, Sandeep Kumar, has been sacked after a sex tape showing him kissing two women was leaked to the media. DailymailUK reports that the married minister who was in charge of women and children was immediately removed from his post on Wednesday, August 31, not long after the unbelievable tape was sent to him and national television stations.

In the tape and photos, the father of one was seen topless, kissing different women. ‘We never try to cover up wrongdoings when evidence comes up against our ministers or party workers, unlike other parties,’ chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Thursday. Kumar on his part is denying the video. He said: “This is a conspiracy against me because I was becoming a prominent face of the Dalit community in the city,” he told reporters on Thursday, referring to India’s lowest social Dalit caste. Check the authenticity of the CD. It is a matter of investigation, a conspiracy to suppress me.”

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