Friday, 19 August 2016 12:46

United States Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s nude picture goes viral (photo/video)

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Americans on Friday, August 19, woke up to see nude pictures of the United States of America’s (USA) presidential aspirant, Donald Trump on the street. Now people are waking up to behold popped up statues made in his likeness in cities across the United States.

And worst of all, they’re Donald Trump in the nude with his hands (which appear to be normal people-sized) crossed over his protruding belly and a dissatisfied look on his face. The statues have small dicks and no balls, with veins and nipples sticking out. Cities graced with these mysterious pieces of art include San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. Watch full video of how the statue was made below:

Nude picture of Donald Trump


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