Thursday, 11 August 2016 13:45

American Presidents Daughter Spotted Smoking Weed (Photo/Video)

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An entertainment website has published a video which shows President Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama, smoking what some suspected was a cannabis joint. Malia, 18, set to attend Harvard next year, was at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois a few days ago—where she partied hard with friends and where the video of her “smoking” the joint was captured.

In an earlier footage, Malia was seen twerking and teasing off by showing a bit of her underwear at the music festival–now, this footage shows her sort of smoking “pot”. The website that published the nine-second video claims an eyewitness said cannabis was smelled in the air. Cannabis is decriminalised in the state of Illinois and people are allowed to possess up to 10 grams of the drug. Interestingly, President Obama has previously admitted smoking cannabis in his youth–and that he was part of a group of friends known as the “choom gang” in Hawaii.

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