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Ryan Giggs And These 7 Other Well Known Players Never Received Red Cards In Their Entire Career

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Football is known as a game of passion, desire, friendship and fair play. However, there are some players who play it differently and gets punished or banned for shoving the opposition players. However, some saint Players exists as well who always play within the rules and make history. Sadly for some, Lionel Messi is not in the list as the Argentine Footballer has received 1 Red Card during his playing time. So, here are our 8 Players who never received a red card in their entire footballing career.

8. Luke Young

If you are a full back, you are always vulnerable to being penalized for your tackles. But Luke Young isn’t one of them. Even though he spent most of his career with teams who were fighting to avoid relegation, Young was always one feet away from a Red Card.

7. Ledley King

A defender to go his whole career without being sent off is quite a rarity and must surely require a cool head as well as luck to have never been shown a red card. One mistimed challenge or one cheeky elbow can easily put them in the ref’s bad books.

6. Damien Duff

This Irishman gets to kick off this list of football angels with a long distinguished career both at national and international levels. Throughout his years he has never once been sent off and continues to this day playing for Melbourne FC. He retired from the International stage two years ago.

5. Raul Gonzalez

The legendary Spanish forward is also one of the cleanest. With a career that spanned numerous World Cup appearances as well as playing for both Atletico and Real Madrid he never once got sent to the shower room early. This is quite an achievement within the realms of competitive football.

4. Ryan Giggs

Many people know that this Welshman was a terrific sportsman and brilliantly talented. He retired in 2014 after spending the whole career at Manchester United he is now assistant manager at Old Trafford.

Ryan Giggs participated in every Premier League campaign from 1990 to 2014, and is one of the most successful players in the English Premier League era. And even though his looks were a bit tough and nervy, but Ryan Giggs is another player who hasn’t received a Red Card in his entire career.

3. Gary Lineker

Apart from Walkers crisps adverts, Gary Lineker almost helped the lions clinch a second world cup back in Italia ’90. Playing alongside Paul Gascoigne he must have had his hands full with keeping his team mates in line as well as keeping focused on the game.

2. Edwin Van Der Saar

The former Holland goalkeeper has been a player with much higher credentials and was one of the best Dutch Players who graced English Premier League. And when he was saving goals and winning matches for Old Trafford side, his discipline was exceptional. He playing more than 27000 minutes for Manchester United, and didn’t received a single red card in that time.

1. Alessandro Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero had an amazing career that lasted more than two decades from 1991 to 2014, and culminated in being part of the world cup winning squad in Germany 2006. His quick pace and amazing skill were his clean tackles and cool head which meant that he didn’t pick up one single red card.

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