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Russian Man files for Divorce after his Wife, a Ronaldo Fan, Mocked Messi’s World Cup Performance

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Arsen, 40, and Lyudmila, 37, met at a sports bar in Chelyabinsk, Russia, during the 2002 world cup and their love for sports united the both of them.

Less than 2 years later, they both got married. The couple supports two rival Moscow clubs and two rival Spanish clubs – Barcelona (Arsen) and Real Madrid (Lyudmila).

Sadly, the world cup, which brought them together 16 years ago, may be causing their separation.

According to Argumenty, I Fakty, Arsen is a Lionel Messi lover, while Lyudmila is a Cristiano Ronaldo fan. The couple always joked with one another about Messi and Ronaldo’s performance, especially when one of them was not up to par, but Lyudmila’s mockery of Messi’s world cup performance, Arsen said, was “the last straw.”

While he was celebrating Messi’s goal against Nigeria, Arsen said Lyudmila began mocking him again.

“From the very beginning of the World Cup, Lyudmila constantly mocked me and my beloved player, saying that he played poorly and couldn’t even score an important penalty in the game with Iceland.

When she once again started speaking unkindly about Lionel and his performance, I got angry and, in turn, expressed everything I thought of her handsome Ronaldo, the Portugese national team, herself and all the other clubs Lyudmila is crazy about.

Then I took all my things and left her for good,” Arsen told

Arsen filed for divorce the following day.


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