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Ronaldinho Bids Farewell to His Fans

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After a 20-year brilliant professional football career Ronaldinho claimed he had called it quits on January 17. The legendary Brazilian excelled with a great number of awards and titles. The fans probably will never forget his unique game style, the bunch of goals scored and definitely his catchy smile.

Ronaldinho took his path under the guidance of his amateur-football-fan father. His remarkable technique rooted in his fancy for beach and mini football - Ronnie spent all his time playing outside with a ball. When he was 7 he entered the local football school. At the age of 13 he became the hero in media, when he scored 23 goals in the match against the local team. There is no surprise Ronaldinho was immediately sought after by Gremio soon afterwards.

The Brazilian U-17 national team with Ronaldinho in it won the World Cup for the first time in 1997. With the title of the champion, Gremio’s contract was not long in coming. 19-year-old Ronnie became the holder of Copa AméricaIn in 1999. In 2001 Ronaldinho decided to conquer Europe. The young Brazilian was sought by Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain and by the Scottish St. Mirren. After all, Ronnie appeared in Paris. 

In the beginning of his career in PSG, Ronaldinho marked himself as a regular player. Yet in the season 2002-03 he became the holder of the World Champion title. With the club failing to qualify for the Champions League and Europa League, Ronaldinho opted to leave PSG. reveals, that during Ronaldinho’s play for Barcelona he was awarded with the FIFA title of the Best Footballer of the Year, he won Ballon D’Or and the title of the Champion of Spain.

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