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5 Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now From Your Smartphone

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Smartphones if not taking good care of becomes “dumb phones”. This is all about the unnecessary apps that not only take up storage space, but can also affect your handset’s performance, data, and battery life. Well, enough is enough – it’s time to clean up your smartphone and set it free. Here are five apps I suggest you should remove right now from your smartphone.

1. Battery savers apps
These apps offer a solution to one of the most-loathed smartphone problems in the world and promise miracles. There are only a few exceptions to the truth that battery-saving apps are merely billboards disguised as useful apps. If you really want to increase your battery life, you have to reduce energy demand from the operating system and all running services and apps. To fix this, open your Battery settings. Find the app with the highest consumption in the list and forcing close it. Some app errors can also be resolved this way, which might have caused increased energy demand to begin with.

2. Facebook mobile app
The app is not only intrusive, but it consumes a lot of data and battery too.


3. So-called antivirus apps
You don’t need an antivirus app if all your downloads are done directly from the app store. For an Android device, the Google Play Store can do everything that antivirus apps can. Antivirus apps are only useful if you are often downloading and installing APK files found outside the Play Store. 

4. Clean Master or any cleaning app
Most Cleaning apps promise to clean up your phone to boost performance. But there only job is to clear cached data left behind when an application is deleted from the phone. It’s not necessary to download a dedicated cleaner. You can do that yourself, Just go to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data. At the Clear cached data prompt, hit OK. Clean Master and similar apps often require a lot of battery power, and their in-app advertising has the potential to suck out your monthly data allowance.

5. Your default browser
There are so many better, faster, less data consumption, and more secure, alternatives to the default internet app (assuming your device doesn’t come with Chrome as the default). Download your favorite browser from our best Android browsers list and, once your choice is made, go to Settings > Apps and tap the browser that you no longer use. Tap Disable on the following page.

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