Wednesday, 06 April 2016 17:37

See Why You Must Uninstall Flash Share Now!!!

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If you have the software called FLASH SHARE right now on your phone, then you should know that all the secrets you thought you had on your phone are sitting on someone's computers!!!. FLASH SHARE is given to you for free, but in exchange for that, they take all data about you on your phone, and sell it to anyone that is interested in finding out about you. if you are still in doubt, open your phone settings, go to apps, open flash share, scroll down to see the permissions of this app. You will see all the things this app can take from your phone without prompting you for permission. If you are using your phone for anything classified whatsoever. UNINSTALL FLASH SHARE NOW!!!!


Did you know that flashshare has access to

1. Read all the text messages in your phone
2. Send messages from your phone when they want to?
3. Read your contacts list
4. Read your call log
5. Edit your call log (Making it look like you called or were called by someone)
6. Get full list of all the apps you have installed in your phone
7. Control other apps in your phone


NOTE: Flashshare is distributed by an unknown, unregulated vendor. No one knows what they do with your data and they are not answerable to any regulatory agency 

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