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See 5 Top Footballers Who Converted To Islam And Have Gone To Saudi Arabia To Serve Allah

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The game of football is arguably the most watched and supported sport in the world as hardly would you see an environment or country where the round leather game is not being played.

Footballers are the major characters in the game of football, and here we bring you some who are devoted Muslims and have gone all the way to Saudi Arabia to serve their creator Allah.

1. Paul Pogba
Going by his name, many fans would not believe that Manchester United star Paul Pogba is a Muslim. The player has been to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj exercise which is expected of every Muslim who can afford the cost of going to Mecca from their country.

2. Emmanuel Adebayor

Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor was born into a Christian family on February 26, 1984, but the Togolese international changed his religion to Islam and he gave his reasons for him to have done so.

However, the petite forward has exemplified a good character of a devoted Muslim as he has gone to Saudi Arabia to perform his Hajj exercise.

3 Mesut Ozil

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil and the German professional footballer is also a Muslim who has visited Saudi Arabia many times to perform the yearly Hajj exercise.

4. Abou Diaby

Abou Diaby is a French professional footballer who currently plays for French club Marseille. The 30-year-old is also a devoted Muslim who has done the Holy pilgrimage many times.

5. Nicolas Anelka

Former Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka is a devoted Muslim who has visited Mecca to perform the Holy Pilgrimage.

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