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See 13 Year Old Muslim Boy Who Performs Miracles With Quran, See Photos

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A 13-year-old boy has healed a wheelchair user using only a whip and the holy book of Quran, reports. Tens of thousands of people are visiting a small village of Aralkum in Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan, where Erbossyn Serikbaev lives with his parents. The news about a young healer spread fast after one of his patients came to Aralkum for her first session in a wheelchair but returned home on her own two. Erbossyn says that he does not treat infectious diseases and tuberculosis. He agrees to heal only those people whom conventional medicine can't help anymore.

The teenager allegedly received his gift of healing after he saw an old man in his dream who said that he was sent to the world to treat people of their diseases. Initially the boy didn't understand what he had to do and was often down in health. However, shortly afterwards, crowds of people wanted to make an appointment with Erbossyn. At his sessions, the boy who wants to become a doctor one day is reportedly reading Quran and hits his patients with a whip. Besides, Erbossyn's house has a small warehouse where patients who managed to recover leave their wheelchairs and crutches. According to local residents, the boy's unusual abilities attracted a lot of people from abroad.

Boy, 13, heals wheelchair users with scourge strikes and Quran (photos)

Boy, 13, heals wheelchair users with flogging and Quran (photos)


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