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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What if Hell, Jesus and God Never Existed, will you regret being a Christian?

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I have noticed an aberration under the sun. A lot of people serve God not because of whom he is but because of what they have been told. A good number of people who now regard themselves as Christians were either born into the religion or became devoted members because of the fear of hell fire and eternal damnation. People don't serve God for whom He is but rather are afraid of the stories they were told by others. Oh, hell is a place pf torment, a place where the worms never die, a place where the thirst cannot be quenched, a place where all sinners will swim in the eternal lake of fire, yes according to the books, hell is a place you don't want to witness even for a day.

But wait a minute, are we after missing hell or following after Jesus because he is worth it, is our believe in Christ based on the fear of hell or his compassionate love. To me, following after Jesus is not because I fear hell, it is because He has given me reasons beyond a reasonable doubt that he is Lord and God of all. Just like Apostle Paul, I can also boldly stand and say, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. Even if at the tail end I discovered that Jesus, Hell and God never existed, I will still live a satisfied life because I have followed after the right path. If at the end of it all, you discovered that Heaven, hell, Jesus and God were all fiction, will you regret ever following the path of righteousness?

Jesus loves you

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