Tuesday, 29 November 2016 22:47

Girl,18, Sells Virginity For N336,000,000 Ask Other Ladies To Do Same If... (Photos/Video)

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Meet Aleexandra Kefren, an 18-year-old woman from eastern Europe who is planning to sell probably the most precious a woman has — her virginity. However, the young woman is chasing noble goals, she wants to save her parents from leading a life of homeless people. Meanwhile, neither her mother nor her father know about her sacrifice. She said: “I was 15, I saw a movie on TV it was about a girl who sold herself for one night. Maybe I could do this with my virginity I saw many girls who sold themselves for £3.5million or more.” I am thinking it is strictly business not emotional. I think it will be alright, I think a glass of wine will be enough to get through.”

According to Aleexandra, her parents are set to be evicted in February and she will do everything possible to ensure a decent life for her loved ones. Ms Kefren auctions her first sex experienced with anyone who is ready to pay for no less than €1million — which is about N335,520,600. Giving an advice to girls who may have found themselves in the same desperate situation, she said: “If it is an emergency like in my case… You need the money quickly, there is no other way that you can do it, I would say yes do it, but if it’s not then no.” 

Her parents doesn't know about her plans

When sex becomes the only answer...

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