Tuesday, 14 March 2017 15:20

See New Donald Trump Policy That Will Adversely Affect All Nigerians

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A new policy in the United States of America cutting the country's aid recipients is set to affect Nigeria, especially health Non-Governmental Organisations. This was made known by a former US intelligence community’s top expert on Nigeria and publisher of nigeriaknowledge.com, Matthew Page. According to politico.com, the State Department budget won’t be getting cut as deeply as President Donald Trump initially suggested after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson successfully pushed back with the White House.

The budget blueprint expected later this week will still trim funding for both the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development next year, but by less than the 37 percent initially floated in preliminary documents sent out by the White House in late February. The budget revision is expected to include “staged cuts” spread out over several years, instead of the immediate hit, according to a senior administration official, who said that the White House is giving Tillerson time “to do a deeper analysis on foreign aid.” Tillerson and his top aides are assessing how to restructure the State Department, another person with knowledge of the discussions said, and is willing to take a “significant” cut to the department's budget. The move will affect Nigeria's dependence on the US for aid as Africa's most populated nation is currently the 5th largest beneficiary of the US aid. Already, the fragility of Nigeria's porous health systems has led to disastrous outcomes even with the aid. The cuts can only spell doom for the NGOs.

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