Tuesday, 10 January 2017 17:31

Everything About Christianity Is A Joke, No Person With Common Sense Should Be A Christian - Nigerian Man

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A Facebook user, Governor Imam Sunmola Olayemi, has made of 'mockery' of the belief in Christendom. According to him, everything about Christianity is a joke. He analysed his words by exemplifying how Jesus came about into the world and how He is the Father and son in himself.

According to this Facebook user, this is all gibberish and total nonsense because he cannot fathom how a God will allow himself to be killed by the human He created all in the guise of dying for the salvation of all. He also went on to note that every human is a slave of God and that no one is a son of God like the Christians claim. He used some verses of the Holy Bible and Quran to however back up his claims. Read the controversial post below...

Everything about Christianity is a joke!

Everything about Christianity is a joke!

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