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Husband attempts to use wife for money ritual, you will be shocked by what she did to him

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Mrs Nike Akinbile is a resident of Olunloye in Ibadan and she gave a testimony before the court where she was seeking divorce from her husband Mr. Femi Ak­inbile.

She said: “For the past two years now, Femi has been making frantic effort to get rich at all cost and I am his prima­ry target for that purpose.” “Not too long ago, I was just lying on the bed, Femi thought that I had slept off, so he attempted to strike my eyelids with traditional eye­liner also known as tiro.” “I have received several visions that he wants to use me as a sacrificial lamb for the ritual he is making and I don’t want to die now,’’ she alleged.” Nike begged the court to dissolve their 11 year-old marriage also on that grounds also accused Femi did not care for their three children. Femi denied all the allega­tions and op­posed the divorce because he says the children will suffer in the event of any divorce. The court’s President, Mr Hen­ric Agbaje, ruled in Nike’s favour and granted the divorce after both sides were heard.  

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