Thursday, 07 May 2015 07:26

Niger Republic deports over 3, 000 Nigerians

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More than 3,000 Nigerian fishermen and refugees escaping from Boko Haram have been deported by Niger Republic troops, Associated Press (AP) has reported. Niger officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the issue.

Nigeria’s National Emergency Management Agency on Thursday said after it was alerted by Niger on Monday of its plan military plan to flush out Boko Haram extremists from its border, it sent trucks to collect the exhausted refugees at the border. Niger is playing host to more than 100,000 other Nigerian refugees who have fled Boko Haram and who apparently are being allowed to remain in camps outside the Lake Chad area. According to the refugees who lamented that they were not allowed to even take their clothes, about 12 people died during the three-day walk to the border, including a woman and her newborn twins.

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