Tuesday, 22 December 2015 06:27

BLAME GAME 2.0: Blame Jonathan For Fuel Scarcity - Lai Mohammed

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Information and Culture Minister, Lai Mohammed, yesterday said, Nigerians should blame the ongoing fuel scarcity in the country on former President Goodluck Jonathan. Lai Mohammed when asked to explain the scarcity to the nation said: "What I will be telling Nigerians is that what we met on ground is such that we are paying for the sins of the last administration. "I am being very serious. You remember that about two weeks ago, we had to go to the National Assembly for a supplementary budget of N674 billion. Of that figure, N522billion was for arrears of fuel subsidy which was incurred as far back as August last year".

The minister disclosed that in other to solve the lingering problem, the Federal Government had made sure NNPC has been involved in fuel importation, unlike before when the marketers used to import the major percentage of the fuel. He noted that the present government also inherited the vandalisation of the pipelines which has made it impossible for fuel to be transported. The Mosimi pipeline, he said, has been secured and it has led to the improvement in the distribution.

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