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14 Ways to Identify or Recognize a Suicide Bomber

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Owing to the repeated cases of suicide bombings which have claimed the lives of thousands in Nigeria, it has become very important for citizens to know how to identify a suicide bomber quickly to avert unnecessary lose of lives. Therefore, below is a comprehensive highlight of how to recognize a suicide bomber as soon as you see one:

a. Clothes unsuitable for place and climate
b. Cloths significantly bigger than the person's body.
c. Person's cloth or behavior to blend but clearly does not belong at the location.
d. Obvious disguise


a. Repeated attempts to steer clear of police and other security agents.
b. Walking slowly while glancing side by side or mumbling in a suspicious manner.
c. Nervous, hesitant, profusely sweating or mumbling.
d. Keep one or both hands in pockets at all times.


a. Suitcase, shoulder/handbag, back pack.
b. Electrical wires, switches, metal or electronic apparatus protruding from back or clothing.


a. Improvised or mismatched vehicle number plates.
b. Parked for a long period in a central location, loading or no park zone.
c. Trunk or rear of the vehicle sags noticeably or is leaking fluid.
d. Electrical wires protruding from dash board.

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