Monday, 09 July 2018 11:48

KADPOLY Suspends Lecturer Who Collects Money From Students To Let Them Cheat

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The unnamed lecturer according to Daily Trust collected money from students and allowed them to have their scripts after examination so as to copy answers from the marking scheme.

The suspension of the HOD was announced by the Polytechnic Rector, Idris Bugaje during an interview with newsmen.

Bugaje on assumption of office in October 2017, reportedly introduced a Policy and Transparency Unit (PTU) that checks both academic and financial corruption in the polytechnic.

Kaduna Polytechnic Rector, Prof, Idris Mugaje (Linkedin)

“We have discovered a lot of malpractices going in the system. Lecturers including heads of departments collecting money from students and allowing them to have their scripts after examination so as to copy from the marking scheme in order to get an ‘A’. One HOD has already been suspended for that and he is been investigated, his case will go to the governing council very soon,” Bugaje said.

The Rector also said investigation is ongoing about cases of certificate forgery in the school saying that there are some people in the institution ''who are experts in forging certificate from anywhere in the world''

“We have also had other cases, we are investigating at the moment including certificate forgery, even though, not only Kaduna Polytechnic is affected but there are some people here who are experts in forging certificate from anywhere in the world; they use computer technology, scan and change the names. Two staff are already on suspension for that while their matter is also being investigated and it may eventually involve the Nigerian Police.

Bugaje also said that the Police is helping in fighting corruption in the polytechnic, saying there is another complicated syndicate of certificate forgery which involved people from outside. He added that the Polytechnic management is working to ensure that the system is brought back on track.

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