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Igbos Demands Freedom for Nnamdi Kanu

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Biafra keeps heating the political situation in the country. As local newspapers report, an activist Nnamdi Kanu had to be free till now.

There is an official court order that confirms it. However, he is detained and this is the reason that made people protest. The strike on the streets of Port Harcourt has been dispersed by the police without victims though there was a rumor that five people were killed.

Nnamdi Kanu strongly supports the idea of creating a breakaway Biafra state. He is the leader of IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra). The streets of five main cities in that region is studded with the banners with his pictures.  

Biafra 6

The civil war that broke out at the background of this problematical region lasted for 3 years. The staggering number of people were killed in 1970 and it is still hard to calculate how much damage had been done at those times.

According to Abdussalam Ahmed, the protestors don’t want the civil war to repeat again. They simply want to grab government’s attention to current problems the state is dealing with. Ethnic Igbos strike for justice and equality in Nigeria.

The leader of IPOB, Uchemna Madu said that their lives and properties are not secured that’s why they want to live on their own. The administration always underlined that the main complaint of Igbos is their inferiority to other parts of Nigeria.

source: NAIJA Nigeria

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