Monday, 25 September 2017 10:01


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Ali Ahmad, a six-year-old boy injured by Boko Haram, who was flown to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for a surgery has started walking again. Ahmadu was injured when he was three years old, in Chibok community in Borno. He was flown out of the country by the Dickens Sanomi Foundation, penultimate Sunday. According to a statement on Saturday, Ahmadu on September 17, 2017, underwent a spinal cord surgery at the Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah in Dubai.

It was learnt that contrary to the doctors’ predictions that Ahmadu would walk after three weeks of recuperation, the little boy on Saturday started walking. The head of the Dickens Sanomi Foundation, Igho Sanomi, said, “For three years, help was needed for the boy. God made it possible after five to six hours of surgery and 48 hours in intensive care. Ali (Ahmadu) can walk again. This happened today to everyone’s surprise. “This determined six-year-old boy got off his bed and decided to walk despite doctors’ expectations that he would need physiotherapy to learn to walk again, at least three weeks after surgery. On Saturday, Ali walked after just seven days.”

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