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You Will Be Pleased By What People Did When They Saw This 60-year-old Man Marrying A 12-year-old Girl (Photos/Video)

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In the video below, an elderly man got married to a girl who was barely even a teenager and people got the chance to react, The 60-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl are in the middle of their wedding photo shoot when a group of surprised people began airing their opinion. In the video that has now been seeing over 3million times on Youtube, the man and the little girl arrived at the harbour to take some photos but as soon as people noticed what was going on, they began to confront the man for what was clearly a child marriage situation.

The footage was reportedly recorded in an Arabic country. People can be seen asking the man where the girl’s family were and some even talked to the girl herself, asking if she wanted to get married. The old man quickly got defensive and a crowd gathered, demanding to know who gave him permission to marry such a young girl. One woman even burst into tears at the scene as she was heartbroken about the whole scenario. The video was a social experiment to see how people would react in such a situation. The man and girl never actually got married. Scroll down to watch video...

Child marriage

Child marriage

Child marriage

Child marriage

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