Tuesday, 20 December 2016 14:51

Have You Ever Seen A Baby Moving In A Woman's Womb? Watch The Breathtaking Video Here

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Seeing an feeling a baby bump is one of the most amazing moments of a mom’s pregnancy. Isn’t it beautiful to see the wonderful manifestation of a growing life inside a woman’s body? In the video below, a dad got so excited upon seeing his wife’s belly, with their baby’s legs kicking and feet poking. The baby bump overwhelmed the couple that the dad decided to record the wonderful happening so he can share it with people.

The baby moved so excitedly and aggressively, you’ll even think that it’s about time for him to come out. According to the Youtube description, his wife is 39 weeks pregnant and if you pause the video, you can see that his legs are clearly visible as he spins inside his mother’s belly. Being so active with kicking and sticking his legs like that, there is no doubt that their little angel is ready to go out anytime. Scroll Down To Watch Video.

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