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See 10 Sure Signs To Know You Are Dating The Wrong Person

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Are you in a relationship where you have this strong feeling that your partner isn't just right for you? You try your possible best to believe anything he or she tells you, and you feel your relationship just don't isn’t just going right? If you feel this way, I think it’s time you confirm your instinct about him or her.

1. Excuse all the way

If your partner gives you the 24/7 excuse, my dear there is no love there. No matter how busy your partner is and there is love, they will never click the excuse icon!

2. You try to make it work

When you are the one always putting your effort in trying to make sure your relationship works and your partner doesn't even care how the relationship stands, then you should know that you are dating the wrong person.

3. They doesn’t mention you to their family

4. No plans?

When Your partner doesn't even have a reasonable goal for the relationship not to talk of having plans for how the future will look like, he or she doesn't like talking of where the relationship stands and where it’s going, and if you ask them were you stand in the relationship, they are fond of saying something unreasonable or they will shy away from your question or they get angry.  This attitude shows that you are dating the wrong person and you need to do something about it.

5. Never shows up for your Memorable Event

6. Your feelings keeps telling you they are not right person

Does a voice keep telling you that your partner is not real? Or your relationship doesn't just feel right? Hmm, your instinct must be right, follow it!

7. Finds it hard to introduce You to their friends or Introduces You as "friend" to his friends

8. Poor or no Connection

When they find it hard to call or text you or don't even do any at all but on rare occasions.

9. You feel You are Single

It shows how unimportant you are in the relationship. It shows that you are definitely with the wrong person.

10. No care

You are just there, he or she doesn't care if you have eaten, how your day went, finds it hard checking on you to the extent you call to let them know you still alive. 

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