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7 Simple Ways to Have Longer Sex

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If in bed you have troubles, try these proven ways to stay away from premature orgasm.


You tried to remember the last football match. Distracted by the memories of the recent battle in chess. Listed the order of steps to prepare a favorite sandwich. But the more you try to slow the orgasm during sex, the faster you finish. And you are not alone.

According to the urologist from the Washington University Thomas Walsh, every man encounters with the problem of premature ejaculation in this or that period of his life. According to Walsh, there are two ways to solve the problem: treatment of the body and treatment of the spirit. The first is aimed at the sensations that you experience during sex, and the second – to eliminate the unrest, stress and other mental obstacles of a long act. We asked him and several other specialists to describe the most reasonable ways to solve the problem of premature ejaculation. But be careful: Walsh recommends first try them alone, and then apply during sex with a partner.

Biological Feedback

As Walsh explains, it's about the idea that you can regulate your neurophysiology, that is how your body reacts to sensations. There are different types of biofeedback. According to Walsh, the most suitable way to prevent  premature ejaculation  is the following: bring yourself to the threshold of orgasm, and then stop all actions until you take the stimulation under control. "Repeating this many times, you can train your brain and body to control better the onset of orgasm," adds sex therapist Emily Morse.


If you feel the approach of orgasm, stop and squeeze the penis under the head. "Squeeze it gently with your thumb and index finger so that the urethra is squeezed," advises sex therapist Ian Kerner, author of "She Cums the First." Compression reduces sexual tension, which allows you to delay the approach of orgasm. Walsh calls this method another kind of biofeedback.

First women!

"If you first help her to reach orgasm with – a mouth, fingers or a toy, – the very fact that she has already finished can partially relieve your tension," Kerner says. Well, a mindful attitude is essential for your love success; by the way, it can help you make a russian girl fall in love with you.


"Local anesthetics, like the spray that dentists spray on the gums before injecting, can be used on the penis to reduce sensitivity," Walsh says. "With proper use, you can control the degree of decrease in sensitivity, and this will not affect your partner in any way." But here you have to be careful: lack of sensitivity can negatively affect the erection.

Condom Control

"Most manufacturers produce condoms with thickened walls that can work like desensitizers," recalls Emily Morse. Look for boxes with the inscriptions "prolongs pleasure".


Many men take pills to achieve the next erection. According to Walsh, most of these pills are antidepressants and have side effects, so do not use them unless PE has a serious negative impact on your life. In any case, it is better to consult a doctor before using them.

Ask the Expert Advice

"If it seems to you that you have already tried everything, but the result is zero, it's time to write to the doctor", - advises Walsh. Even the advice given above can be more effective with the assistance of a specialist. Walsh recommends a visit to a urologist who either takes care of the problem himself or sends you to another doctor.

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