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5 Scents That Turn Him On

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Since ancient times people knew about the power of scents. Women used aromatic baths, massages with essential oils and other procedures to remain attractive and beautiful. It is unknown when the aphrodisiacs appeared, but they were used long before our era. They always helped to draw attention, to express sexuality and rouse the passion and desire. In this post we will reveal to you 5 scents that will surely turn your boyfriend on. Also, if you don`t know where to buy quality essential or fragrance oils, visit https://jiji.ng/255-fragrance-oils! Jiji is one of the largest Nigerian marketplaces! Here you can find a widest assortment of goods in all kinds of categories at the lowest prices!




Vervain is a witching, feminine smell. It is tart, refined, sweet, fresh, saucy, and flamboyant. This fragrance shows self-sufficiency and elegance of the girl who likes it. Vervain has beneficial effects on spiritual development, psychological state, and develops intuition. A perfume or fragrance oil with the scent of verbena will make you a special woman for your man.




Vanilla is the most delicate of all odors. It is the scent of seduction. It creates an atmosphere of comfort, subtle taste of dessert. It surrounds with care and warmth. Besides vanilla carries a charge of strength and vigor, eliminates worries and fears on the subconscious level, helps strengthen the vital energy. If you like cooking, don't hesitate to use vanilla.




Lovely scent of rosemary not only gives your meals an excellent flavor but also arouse the desire. This oil improves the sensitivity and openness of partners, helps to create warm and affectionate relationship. Rosemary surrounds you with a cloud of incredible smell, a combination of freshly mowed grass and peppermint. You don’t leave him a chance!




Cinnamon is very strong aphrodisiac, it attracts the power of love. Its scent is so strong that it is better not to use it in combination with other oils. Cinnamon symbolizes sexual energy, courage and boldness. Make a cup of coffee with cinnamon in the evening, this will create a special atmosphere.




The world knows Myrrh since the times of Ancient Egypt. The resin of this tree was used for mummification of Pharaohs and various religious rites. Actually, Myrrh means “the Holy tree”. Myrrh aroma is spicy, bitter, warm, peppery, with smoky notes. Myrrh aroma oil helps you cope with shyness, adds passion and boldness.



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