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Do You Have Body Odour? See 6 Most Effective Ways Of Eliminating It

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There are so many myths and facts concerning the cause of body odour especially in West Africa. Some will say it is as a result of not bathing a child properly when he/she was given birth to, others will say it is a curse placed on someone with a bad character and the list goes on and on. No matter what may seem to be the cause, the truth still stands that it is not a pleasant experience to have body odour. Do you notice you have body odour? Do you want to get rid of your body odour?

Here are some solutions to reducing and eliminating body odour:

1. Keep your clothes and towel clean

Your underwear especially should be changed frequently. When you are sweaty, it is important that you change your clothes as sweat absorbed by the clothes can cause serious smell and furthermore cause sickness or severe even skin reactions.

2. Shave, shave and shave

Do you know that pubic hair can store a large amount of dirty and when moist due to heat can later result to body odour? It is Imperative you shave your under hair. Please take time to give pubic areas a clean shave, this will make your armpit and pubic area dry as fresh air will find its way easily to those hidden spot.

3. Avoid some certain cream

Some cream can magnify your body odour. YES THEY CAN!!! This can be as a result of the cream bad fragrance. 

4. Take your bath regular and thoroughly

Wash all your public areas. Don't just wash your face and stomach hurriedly before jumping out of the bathroom, take time to clean other part of your body that doesn't receive air steadIy. Doing this will go a long way in reducing the body odour.

5. Avoid masking your body odour

Do you know that Body fragrant do not cure body odour, they only try to conceal it. Instead of investing heavily in body spray, why not channel that resource to finding a permanent cure.

6. Avoid using some types of cream like bleaching cream, toning cream and skin whitening cream

The chemical contents in those creams don't just increase your body stench but can also cause skin cancer or inflammation.

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