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Do You Know That Your Phone Is 18 Times Dirtier Than Your Toilet Seat, See 5 Other Everyday Items You Use That Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet

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Our world is a very dirty place. Well, probably everyone knows this fact. Every day we hear news about the poor state of our environment, about emissions into the atmosphere of pollutants and other substances. The manufacturing is developing and our world is getting dirtier each day. But still, it is difficult for us to believe all those people claiming that everything is so bad and that there is the danger to our lives. Today we are not going to talk about global problems, we just want to impress you. We want you to know that danger is just around you.

You can not even imagine how really wrong you are if you think that you're safe. The danger is much closer than you may think. It is surrounding you in your house. You may say that you wash the toilet and floors regularly and your house is clean. Yes? Probably, you are going to be really shocked and surprised after you see our list of the dirtiest things in your dwelling. Your life will change forever when you get to know how microbes are invading your home. If you still are not frightened, then you are welcome.

1. Do not relax while working at your computer. Yes, it is also a very dirty thing. Did you know that keyboard, which you touch with your hands every day is much dirtier than the seat of your toilet? It seems to be very unpleasant information.

2. By the way, your mobile phone which you constantly use for communication and press to your face is also a very dirty thing. Can you believe that it is eighteen times more dirty than your toilet? But it is true.

3. Do you know what is the dirtiest thing in your house? You will not believe. This is your TV remote control. Yes, while you are watching TV you touch all this dirt.

4.When you go to the shop, try to touch the money less. Because each banknote is a home for about 300 thousand microbes.

5. If you have a toilet and a toothbrush placed in a one and the same room, be sure, that bacteria from your bowl travel to your brush actively.

6. If you did not change your mattress for about ten years, you may try to weigh it. You will definitely feel that it became much weightier. Want to know why? Because many microbes decided to settle down right there.

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