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See 5 Shocking Dangers Of Not Changing Your Boxers

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This topic applies to both ladies and gentlemen,there is a compulsory need for personal hygiene,most especially when it comes with what you put on.. boxers or panties needs to be regularly changed daily to avoid unnecessary infections and damages.. safety precautions and awareness should be done. So today we will be looking at the dangers of not regularly changing your undies i.e pants and boxers. please read below ;

1. Your Skin Will Get Itchy 

2. Your Sexual Organ Will Start To Smell Different 

3. Develop Sores And Rashes :

First comes the itchiness, and then comes the sore or rash. Because the boxers have been out and about for so long, the not-so-clean material will chafe your skin. When ignored, it can lead to visible protrusions or redness. They're treatable, so don't worry, but you probably don't want to subject yourself to the trouble in the first place. 

4. Yeast Infections :

This is especially likely to happen if you have sweat in the panties or boxers you've been sitting in for a few days. Yeast and bacteria thrive in moist environments, so don't give them the chance to multiply into an obnoxious infection.

5. You May Develop a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) : 

These infections occur when bacteria crawl their way up into the urinary tract, and that can happen in many different ways. For example, if you've had the same panties or boxers on for a while, there's a chance that particles of feces have settled into the fabric. If those germs mosey their way around to the wrong home, you'll be slammed with a UTI and have to visit your doctor. Changing your undies often and washing them in hot water will kill those mean bacteria and prevent infections.

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