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See Throwback Photo Kanayo O Kanayo In 1985

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Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanoyo shared the below throwback photo of himself as he remembers life in Nigeria in 1985.

He wrote:

"Throw back to 1985 in Enugu, Kanayo O. Kanayo in the state of nature, when the falcon could hear the falconer . Then you could walk into a shop, and the owner is not in sight, you pick up the things you need and keep the money on the table. About the same year I visited Gembu in the present day Taraba State, then in Gongola State, no one cared much about ethnic, religious belongings. Music was philosophical in its renditions and futuristic in outlook. Eg Fela's 49 seating 99 standing, suffering and smiling". I am not advocating we go back to those years of yore BUT a people are nothing when they loose all their values and culture".

see photo below...

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