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House vs. Apartment For Families With Kids

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When you’re shopping for real estate as a parent, it’s completely different to buying property as a single or married person without kids. You need to consider the well-being of your little ones while making the choice. One of the most important choices to make is between a house and apartment. Find out how to choose right and check out the best property for sale in Nigeria on Jiji: https://jiji.ng/real-estate

Living with kids in an apartment

The main reason why parents choose to raise children in apartments is, of course, the financial aspect of homeownership. In most cases, apartments are much more affordable than houses to buy, but savings don’t stop there, as maintaining and repairing an apartment is much cheaper than looking after a house.

Bringing up children in an apartment is also easier for the parents, since you always know exactly where your kid is, and there are no opportunities for escape. Babyproof your home and your kid is guaranteed to be safe when the family is at home.

The biggest drawback of raising kids in an apartment is the lack of space. There is no backyard, no garden, no patio, and no terrace, which means that when the family doesn’t feel like going outside, the kids will need to play in the limited space of an apartment.

Another big concern of living in an apartment with kids is the lack of privacy, not just among family members, but also among neighbors - the whole apartment block is going to hear your kid crying, and your children may have trouble sleeping when the neighbors are renovating the house or throwing a party.

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Living with kids in a house

While houses are typically considerably more expensive than apartments, the price is justified by the amount of space your family will get. Each member of the family can get their own space, and there will be plenty of space left for quality family time.

The next huge advantage of living in a house with children is the ability to fit just anything. Inflatable pool, sandbox, play tents, swings and other favorite activities of kids can be easily placed both inside and outside the house, while apartment often struggle with finding a tiny piece of free space for a single toy box.

Finally, it’s a well-known fact that children need to spend as much time as possible outside, and in a house you’ll have zero problem with outside time. Living in an apartment means less time outside, and you’ll have to accompany your kids every time they want to play in the street.

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