Friday, 24 February 2017 22:58

See How A Lecturer Was Set Up And Caught Trying To Rape A Student, See Photos Of Him In The Act

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A 400 level female student of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, IBBU, Lapai, Niger, state decided to finally put an end to the torture, emotional and academic blackmail suffered by female students in the university for years. A lecturer of English department named Ishaq Yusuf popularly known as I G Yusuf was caught pants down with one of his preys. I G is fond of failing female students who refuse to succumb to his sexual advances. Also if you are a guy and he finds you around any girls he likes, you are sure of carryingover his course just for that reason.

The 400level student in question have been Carrying over his course since 100level. He is still on her case up till yesterday. She decided to set him up, when he requested to come to her room. She arranged with some of her male friends and they hid in her toilet. I G Yusuf came to the room and she decided to play along and he stripped down for her ready for action. The guys Came out of the toilet and instructed him to remain that way and they took a nude picture of him. Innocent students tears and prayers have been answered and we need a serious disciplinary action against him. He has been going scot free all this years.

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