Wednesday, 14 December 2016 17:08

See 8 Most Common Ways Nigerian Students Cheat During Exams, All Students Are Guilty Of No.5

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Examination malpractice is a serious canker worm in the educational system everywhere. In Nigeria, students in tertiary institutions continuously device new methods to engage in examination malpractice. While majority blame it all on the system, students also have a vital role in eliminating examination malpractice by completely shunning the act and preparing adequately for any exam. We have taken the courage to expose 10 ways students in Nigeria university cheat during examination.

1. Writing on parts of the body.

2. Writing on tables and chairs.

3. Writing on clothes and footwears.

4. Copying from a neighbor ( giraffing).

5. Asking questions.

6. Use of foreign objects: Popularly called “chips”, “chukuli” “expo” or “bomb” among Nigerian students. 

7. Exchanging papers.

8. Use of gadgets.

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