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"It Was The Devil That Pushed Me to Stap My Girlfriend" Says 24 year Old Man

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A 24-year-old who stabbed his 19-year-old girlfriend to death has blamed the devil for his actions.

Saliu Ladayo murdered Confidence Nwama last week in the Oshinle area of Akure, Ondo State, following an argument over his cheating ways.

"It was the devil that pushed me to stab my girlfriend" says 24-year-old man


He was paraded last Friday at the Police Headquarters. With tears running down his face, he asked for forgiveness and narrated what led to the killing.

He said:

After she back from his West African Examination, people on the street told her that I came with another woman. She was so annoyed with that and she came to my place on Saturday last week. She was talking to me that what is the meaning of it that a girl came to her that I came to ask her out.

She started cursing me that if I make love with another girl, that I won’t make it in life. I was now talking to her that why will she lay curse on me. I told her I can’t do that and I return the curse back to her. She left with annoyance.

He added:

She back on May 15th, 2018 I ask her to forgive me and we are talking and I said she should return the curse and she said she can’t do that and I seized his phone and we were both inside dragging the phone. I was begging her to return the curse and she went out to tell one of our neighbor that I seized her phone and the woman came to ask me. I told the woman what she did and the woman left to call second neighbor, before she come back, I don’t know what came over me, I went to take knife and stabbed her to death.


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